Cloth Diaper Rescue

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Cloth Diaper Rescue

The Cloth Diaper Rescue is a program dedicated to helping low-income families receive reusable cloth diapers for their children, with Little out of pocket expense incurred.
Our goal
is to ensure that no family, however despite their situation, ever has to make the choice between diapering their children and supplying other basic necessities. We accept Diaper and Monetary contributions. Any new, used, pre-loved, or “second”-quality diapers in usable condition would be appreciated along with materials needed to make diapers. We are also equiped to do simple repairs. Does the elastic, Velcro, or snaps need to be replaced? Not a problem! Please take a look around and spread the word.


We have partnered with a company who is willing to donate $10-$30 dollars for every person who fills out a free trial on their website. Please help us better serve our families by raising money to purchase more diapers and offer free shipping. To find out more, or complete a free trial, click the donations tab.






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